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Michelle Katzman, BS, MBA, Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) is the owner of Katzman Consulting, LLC and provides organizational services to business, professional and residential clients in Martin, St. Lucie and Palm Beach counties of South Florida (other locations served upon request).

One of Only 16 Certified Professional Organizers in Florida!

How lucky am I to be among the 5% of the population who absolutely “love” what they do for a living?  As a Professional Organizer, I have the privilege of working with so many interesting and accomplished people. 

Often organizational issues are less about capability and more about time constraints, increased responsibilities or just getting motivated to start somewhere.  As I work with physicians, attorneys, therapists, entrepreneurs, executives, educators, retirees and homemakers, I see more similarities than differences - more to do and less time to do it.  Even though the move toward “paperless” has been promised, the demands on each of us and our  “to-do-lists” just continue to grow.

It is so rewarding to start a project with someone and see results by the time we wrap up for the day – sometimes just a few hours generate results that have been “a monkey on their back” for years.

Michelle Katzman

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Professional home organizers are experts at turning chaos into composition
By Angela Smith
Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Michelle KatzmanMaybe it was too many episodes of popular TV shows like "Hoarders" and "Clean Sweep."

Maybe it was the urge to downsize in an economy encouraging frugality.

Maybe it was just the need to feel spotless.

But Elaine Desman of Palm City finally couldn't stand to look in her walk-in closet any longer, cluttered as it was with everything her family didn't want but couldn't throw out. Overwhelmed, she hired longtime friend and professional organizer Michelle Katzman to sift through it.

Five hours later, she had a closet in which she actually could hang clothes.

"She didn't make me feel like I was messy or sloppy," said Desman, a mother of three. "She knows you need help and she has a way of making you not feel bad and a way of getting it done at the same time."

Katzman is one of 4,200 members of the National Association of Professional Organizers. Half a dozen member companies, including Katzman, operate on the Treasure Coast.

De-cluttering isn't new, of course, but people have more stuff than ever. Overstuffed closets and garages are common culprits when Treasure Coast organizers get called. "And paper," said Jeremie Barber, president of Barber Home Solutions of Port St. Lucie. "People are just overwhelmed by paper."

Even in a slumping economy, Katzman and Barber say the organizing business is booming. "There are a lot of people who are downsizing, especially here in the Treasure Coast," Katzman said. "People have been taking stay vacations in their homes and they don't want their environment to be chaotic. ... The by-product is they don't need so much stuff."

Organizers work with people with serious hoarding problems and also those who just need to take a hard look at their belongings, decide what to keep and then give everything a home. For the latter client, organizers typically take a few hours working on a cluttered room or aspect of their life.

Treasure Coast organizers charge from $50 an hour to as much as $80 for their services. For that price, people get a clean, clutter-free room but also a system to keep it that way.

"Running a home is like running a business these days," said Kelly Harding, a Melbourne organizer who calls herself the Space Whisperer. "You've got to be organized."

Each system is tailored to a client's personality, lifestyle and needs and involves more than just shiny new boxes and folders. It's a way to actually use those containers.

"Most of our clients have bought into the message from society that you have to buy something to get organized. Most of the time, that's not true," Barber said." But since you already have those tools, we put those things in use.

"People are amazed by the amount of leftover containers they have when we're finished," he added. "Especially because the first question they ask us usually is, 'Can I go buy more containers?'"


To be a member, organizers must complete 1,500 hours of paid organizing and pass an exam.

The top five reasons consumers hired NAPO-certified organizers: too much clutter, general disorganization, difficulty determining what to keep or throw away, difficulty finding things and selling a home.


Attack an area to be organized by sorting items into categories: donate or sell, keep or store and trash. Items to be kept or stored should be things used regularly and have a specific place to call home in your house.

Don't forget about junk drawers or any other area that collects things you don't use or may no longer want.

Start in the room that bothers you the most. If it's the whole house, organizer Michelle Katzman recommends starting in the master bedroom and its closet because you start your day there. Get things out of a room, get it done, then work systematically through the house.

Find a way to honor memories without keeping stuff. That might mean taking a picture of something and then donating it.

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